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We love our youngest visitors!

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Even winter months are excellent to come and explore at Smith-Gilbert Gardens!  Evergreens stand out, beautiful bark texture shows up, tiny buds on tree branches and twigs, bulbs sending out their early shoots through the mulch, … And thousands of berries! You should come and see the different berries here at SGG. No not for you to eat, but a feast for the birds! Berries of different sizes and colors ranging from orange, yellow, red to black are what the cedar waxwings are flying from branch to branch for. Since birds are ever present here we have many bird houses on the property. Now that the bare branches expose some of the hard to find ones during summer, you can do a picture scavenger hunt and find them all.

Stop by at the Reception in the Hiram-Butler house for your copy of the seasonally appropriate scavenger hunt.

You can spot many birds here at Smith-Gilbert Gardens. Our feathered friends find food and nesting places here. Some make their nests in the trees and shrubs. Other birds take advantage of the many birdhouses that have been put up over the years here at the gardens. Some are on poles, some are hanging from tree branches. Observe, look up while you visit and you will spot many.


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*Cancellation Policy: Cancellations 5 or more business days prior to the program start date : refund less a processing fee of $5.  Cancellations 1 to 4 business days prior to the program start date: no refund. Programs canceled by Smith-Gilbert Gardens for any reason are fully refunded.
In case you cannot attend the Garden Stories that you registered for, we will work with you to reschedule.