Casey Musselman

Casey Musselman

Smith-Gilbert Gardens depends upon the gracious support of the community. Dedicated volunteers from the area help maintain this sanctuary for future generations.

Casey Musselman, a Smith-Gilbert Gardens volunteer who recently moved out of state said the following, “Volunteering at SGG is a chance to learn, work, contribute, exercise, socialize, and improve one’s attitude. Being an SGG volunteer means surrounding one’s self with the natural beauty of the gardens, as well as working with people who display the best facets of human nature. Every SGG volunteer contributes their knowledge to help others, their work to help the garden, and their love of gardening to bring joy to the visitors. From the most knowledgeable gardener who has decades of experience, to the novice who struggles with identifying weeds, everyone does their best and contributes what they can. When I look back, I see myself at my best when I was at the garden. An SGG volunteer will find themself part of an organization that values its volunteers as much as it values its gardens. It is a classic example of giving a little time and effort to receive a bountiful amount of peace, joy, and satisfaction.”

Gardening Volunteers are needed on Mondays when the Gardens are closed to the public to maintain the Gather ‘n’ Grow, Rose, and General Gardens. All experience levels are welcome! Come share your expertise or learn with the best. Tour Docents and House Docents to help in the office and Gift Shop are needed every other day of the week to assist us. Our Bonsai Study Group meets on the second Saturday of each month to moniter the bonsai collection.

All Volunteers must submit an application and participate in a Volunteer Training.

Become a tour guide at Smith-Gilbert Gardens!

Smith-Gilbert Gardens conducts classes for anyone interested in learning to lead tours of the Garden or give tours of the historic Hiram Butler House (ca 1881).  Classes include plant identification, history of the Hiram Butler house and information about our 30 pieces of Garden Sculpture. Trained volunteers also assist with greeting guests and helping in the gift shop.  The only requirement for being an SGG docent is enthusiasm! At the conclusion of the sessions, you will be fully prepared to take groups on guided tours through the Gardens. Come and join a great group of volunteers and participate in the many activities we have at Smith-Gilbert Gardens. We look forward to having you join us.